Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As I was watching the others swim I was waiting patiently, I could see ripples in the water. The next moment it was my turn as I dived through the water I pushed myself to the limit and glided through the water to the other side. My lungs were screaming. At the end of the pool I felt excited.


  1. Hi Oshania,

    I liked reading this story and watching the video. It looks as though all those breathing techniques we talked about at the beach during summer paid off. We'll go to the pools soon so that I can see your fantastic swimming skills in person. Nice work and nice blog. Keep it up!

    Aunty Katrina xoxo

  2. Hi Oshania,
    Your aunty is right. You have done well with your breathing technique. Nice swimming. I wonder if you can find the video of you doing backstroke as well to post on our blog too.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    Ms Squires

  3. Hi Ms Squires its me Oshania thank-you for commenting on my blog. Yes my auntie is right she even said that she will tack me to the pools but she didn't.