Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly

Today we were inside the hall for our Immersion Assembly. This term we are learning about Little Critters. Which is about insects like spiders, snails and worms. Have you ever learnt about insects? Well it seems like it well be fun.

My favourite part about this term’s theme was team 4’s item. The thing I liked about it was Mr Barks the queen, who was a bee laying eggs. When he was getting fed the worker bees were busy looking after him. There was a feeding one,a cleaning one and a cooling him down.

My second best item was team one’s because they were doing Incy wincy spider. The ting I liked most about their item was when they were doing the spider legs. It was fun when they had pictures up on the screen of spider man. Unexpectedly Miss George had a spider man mask on her face. I felt a little tingle go through my brain saying that this term was going to be great O

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