Friday, June 17, 2011

First day of term 2

The sun is shinning the birds are singing, “it’s time for me to go to school” I said to myself. With great difficulty I got ready to school, as soon as I walk through the gate all of a sadden I heard the bell ring “RING RING RING!” “What was that I said to my friends” “well” they said, it’s time for the year 8’s and 7’s to go to technology. Have you ever bee to technology? I wonder what it feels like, well I've never been there myself. “Lets get back to the story.”

As soon as the second bell rang I felt so excited because I wonted to see what the topic for term 2 was going to be about. After are while Room 18 and I went to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. When Mr Burt walked through the door of the hall, most of the students could heir a huff and puffing sound, I thought that was really freaky, he was also greased in a black sauté even a black mask.

However Mr Burt called the team one teachers to come up on stage to perform their item, the best thing I liked about there item was the sandwiches, popcorn and also my favorite carrot. Unfortunately some of the students didn’t like the Vegemite sandwiches, that Mrs Wild had mad with her son. Not so long after Mrs Wild came to Mary and I, we were nervously trying to pick out the one we liked most. I thought that was are very delicious sandwiches that I have just eaten. In the middle of the sandwiches it had letters butter Vegemite.

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