Friday, August 19, 2011

Egg Cracking Assignment

On Monday afternoon Room 18 and I went over to the street, for our topic assignment. Our assignment was about who could not make the egg crack when it is inside the straws. The things that we used were 10 straws, 8 Ice-block sticks, 5 Rubber bands and also masking tap. As soon as Mrs Nua finished talking to us we got a sheet from her, we had to design our egg holder so that it does not crack.
With great difficulty we had to finish off our design so that we can get our things together. After a while we had to go up and get all of our stuff. We decided to wrap the egg inside the 8 straws, 8 Ice block sticks, 5 rubber bands and also the masking tap, it looked very funny and funky. Luckily I looked over my shoulder and saw the 2 straws. As soon as I looked back I said to my friends “how about the two left over straws.”
We had the opportunity to discover a way to communicate in the egg assignment. We had to do the assignment so that we could discover a way to not make the egg crack inside the equipment. We had an exciting time.

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