Thursday, December 8, 2011

MY Netbook Reflection....

This year there have been many reasons to why I really enjoy having my very own netbook to work on. The thing I hate about this netbook is If the netbook scheme fails it would be very frustrating for me and also for the people that have their netbook getting fix. Which would mean to go back to the old school stile paper and pencil. It will be quiet hard to post interesting projects and presentation on our blogs if the netbook scheme failed we won’t be having our own device to use during schools hours.

The biggest challenge for me having my own netbook is to try not to get my laptop broken at all times, which I don’t want to happen. Definitely my other challenge is to try to charge my own work so that I can get a better Education, For the next few years of school!

There are a few dislikes that I do not want to happen to my netbook and it has to do with problems. What I didn’t like about my netbook is sometimes it just doesn’t work that well and it plays up most often. Another problem is if I try to go on a web site using the URL it will load for a very long time, and the network would fail. Sometimes I then try to load up Google Chrome it takes for long and by the time it loads I find it very very frustrating.

I think that if the netbook Pilot Scheme was failed and if I was back to pen and paper I would feel very disappointed. The reason why I would feel disappointed is because I don’t get the ideas of computers and I would like to learn how to use a computer properly.

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