Friday, July 27, 2012

30th Olympics

Wow just one more day till the 2012 Olympic start, how “exciting”

The games of the 30th Olympian will be hosted by a international city of majesty and modernity in London. The first ever to host the game 3 times, first was in 1908 then in 1948 and now 2012. There will be different venues for different games. The tennis will be held in Wimbledon Tennis courts, while central sites will be for Archery, Road Cycling, Beach Volleyball and Triathlon. Track and field events, swimming and opening and closing ceremonies will accrue in the Olympic stadium. so that leaves us with the events that will be around the river thomes which are Boxing,Gymnastics,Wrestling and Equestrian.


  1. Hi Oshania,
    You have done a really good job.I like the way you described the London Olympics.Keep up the great job and I can't wait to see more on your blog again

    1. Thanks Jessica for your comment I hope you have been doing well in class too. Keep up the great work...