Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last week on Thursday while the year 8's were gone to techs,8 master chiefs walked down to the kitchen.But first we all setted up the class room,it felt like we were at a restaurant.Then the boys walked down to Miss Muliaumasealii car to get the ingredients.The ingredients that we used for the Sapasui was vermicelli,soy sauce,mince 5kg,onions,oil,ginger,garlic,rice, coconut cream,frozen peas and salt.First Kitiona Raenan gently rolled the min so ce up into a circle ball.Then they put the mince slowly and steady into the pot of oil ,garlic and ginger so that the mince can have a better taste.Now it is time to put the onion into little pieces.At 12:30 room 22 waited out side the door for Miss Muliaumasealii  as we all sat down as we watched a Movie called the laughing Samoans waiting to be served by Roezala,Raenan,Moala and Alex.As the food arrived everybody was served as Miss Muliaumasealli blessed the food,after that everybody just relaxed and ate properly like they were in a restaurant.


  1. Hi Oshania,
    That is such are good story that you wrote about the sapasui with colo laise.
    Keep up the great


  2. Hello Oshania. Could there be a cooking recipe please?