Monday, May 24, 2010


After morning tea, room fifteen were sitting down in the walkway. I saw lots of bikes on the field, and I thought we were going to ride them. I was right we were goin to ride the bike!The next moment this man called Tony came to teach us about bike safety. I was so excited! Tony came from big foot adventures. Our first course was ramps it looks very cool. Carefully I manoeuvred over the ramps and zigzagged around the cones of the obstacle course.''When are we changing courses Miss Squires?'' I puffed I pushed my self to the limit as I jumped the ramp with my back wheel went in the air, But I nearly fractured my leg.

Suddenly Tony moved to another course on the hard court, where you need to use our intercedes which were our hand signals.So we left to go to Sometime new. we had to look back and see what was on the picture Tony was holding. So I Quickly turn back around to say what was on the picture and do our hand signal.(I found it easy but I had to concentrate)
Finally we did a slow-motion race and who ever comes last wins and you have to keep your balance. Me and Rita were the winers!

I Wish the foot people will come back again! I also felt sory for Brooklyn when the bike fell on to her. I will also say Are big THANK-YOU TONY AND ADRIEN!

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