Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oshania Capture The Flag

Room14 and 15 played capture the flag. First Miss King explained us the rules.After that she divided us into teams. Then we went out and played but Miss King told me to go and get the flags but I got the wrong ones. When I got back to the class Crusader already had the flags so finally we started to play. All of room 14 and 15 where waiting for us to bring the flag. When we got on the field we were all excited because we had never played the game before. Miss King set up Capture the flag for us while we where waiting for her. When she told us to go we were all screaming. It was a tactical game and Logan went running for the flag. He was the first to get the flag to our side. When room 15 got a score we were all happy. When I went for the flag Mary L. tugged me, it was like she slapped me. Luckily Mary I. came to save me so I went to go and get the flag. I made it to flag and finally I got there because Kingston P. was chasing me. When I got the flag I was happy because nobody will give the flag to me. When I got to the other side we got score finally we had finished the game because I was exhausted and sweaty. THE END By Oshania

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