Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oshania Scary Maze Game.

Scary Maze Game.
In the weekend I have been playing are game called the
scary maze game. As I was playing the scary maze game
I was good at it. The next minute my brother came and I
was on level three so I looked back at him and he gave
me are fright. So I accidentally moved the mouse to the
right side and the the person on the game came out.
It was are man and he had heaps of stitches on his face
he also had blued coming out of his eyes.

Have you ever played the scary maze game?
if you have you would been so scared. When
I was watching it I was so scared. How did you


  1. Hi Oshania I liked your scary maze game it really scary and I also like your pictures. Keep up the grate work.

  2. Thanks Senolita for that cooment but it does not mack sencens.

  3. Hi Oshania..

    Ive played this game before, and I was scared to see what would happen if I were to touch the sides. Totally freaked when i did touch the sides. Have you heard of HOTEL 626?..if you haven't you should play it..SCARY STUFF!

    Shoals mum x

  4. Thanks Mel I love playing The scary Maze Game
    by my salf but when my brother plays with me
    I hate it. Thanks For That Comment.

  5. holy s*** i jumped at the scream

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