Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wales Vs all Blacks

Wales vs All Blacks

On Saturday night me and my family watched the game of rugby and it was the wales Vs All Blacks playing. I really liked the part when we got our first try because the person who got the first try was my favorite player. Have you ever played rugby before? well I haven't played rugby before but I tried to play but I didn't go to all me practices because of all me netball training. We watched the game at home on sky.

In the middle of the game I started to cheer because we were losing. The next minute we were getting heaps of tries but we were still losing. Finally we had won on the second half.

I really felt so excited because we had won.
Go All Blacks.

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  1. Hi Oshania
    I liked your Wales vs All Blacks and I liked your pictures too. I liked reading your writing and you rock!!