Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Donut’s.

In the weekend my brother, auntie, uncle and I went to make some donuts in East Tamaki which is in Otara. My first time I had made donuts was about one week ago. Have you ever made donuts before? We also had to wake up at eleven o’clock at night for it.
When I got there I didn’t know what to do. But my auntie said to peel the potatoes for the minus to sell it at the Market. (Minus is like potato salad) So I did. As soon as we finished I went to cover the chilly bin. The next minute I went to porpor. Porpor is like you rub the donut together and make it into a circle and then you are finished. When you have finished porpor the next thing you do is you have to oil the tray and stick the donuts on. After the dough rises you poke your finger into it and wriggle it around and then it should make a donut. So then you put it into the oil to cook and then you stick it in to the chilly bin.

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