Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Highlights.

WOW!!! I thought The best experience of camp today was being able to travel together as a team to complete the set of instructions given to us by, Mrs Lagitupu and Mr Barks. The activity was called The Amazing Race. It was about a groups of 5 or more traveling to different places to earn a lot of points for our team,Team Respect Crew
We also had another activity called box fit. It was mainly about boxing learning the basics like Left Hook, Right Hook and Uppercut. Our instructors were really supportive correcting our mistakes and also being really positive and making it a really fun thing to do.
I actually thought that the old school games were really really cool, It was like every game we played had a certain meaning towards everything you did during it. Our Leaders Lepa-Toreka are very positive they stick with us even if we win or loose and they encourage us to do our best.

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