Monday, March 5, 2012

the book Chinease Cinderella

For the past few days I have been reading the book Chinease Cinderella, an autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah . I have been given the task to write important reasons why I dislike Adelines stepmother ( Niang ) . I am currently on chapter 11 but as I have been previously reading chapter 7 , 8 and 9 I have noticed that Niang is a very twisted evil person .

Firstly Niang has two biological children , a son which is her oldsest and a daughter which is obviously her youngest . Niangs daughter was only 6 months when she separated from her mother . For the time being Aunt Baba cared&loved Niangs daughter as if it was her own . Niang and her baby daughter reunited when she was two years old . Clearly at that time when Niangs daughter saw her mother she looked at her as if she was a complete stranger . The first time Niang signalled her daugher to go to her , she ignored her and looked away . Niang was furious and as soon as she picked up her two year old daughter she started screaming , crying not wanting to be in Niangs arms . At this stage Niang was fillled with rage , she then started beating her daughter continously . Niang was feeling rejected and angry beacsue her own daughter didnt recongnise her . As she continued punishing her two year old daughter Adline felt sick watching Niang in action and her step sister in pain . Adeline yelled at Niang to stop her from beating her child to death . Niangs daughter was just a baby and she was suffering consequences which she didnt deseve .
Since that day Niang has always mistreated Adeline, she felt disrespected and told Adeline said that she would never forgiver her.

Back then Adline and her 4 older siblings attended an expensive missonary school . St Johns academy was a long mile away . Niang and Adelinde father was trying to teach the kids the value of money . They were both strict on not giving tram fare money to any of the children . Of course Niang was a unfair cold hearted woman she excluded Adeline from the rest of her siblings . She started giving out tram fare money to the others except for Adeline . As days went by Adeline continuously walked the long mile to school feeling hurt and mistreated while her siblings enjoy the relaxing ride to school and back.

The rest of the time when Niang wasnt only mistreating just Adeline herself she was also being unfair to the rest of her older siblings . She favoured her two children over her step kids . For instance Niangs chidren are able to order any kinds of delicious foods throughout the entire day while her stepchildren will eat minimal foods a day with ocassional fruits as an amazing treat . Adelines 3 older brothers were forced to shaved there heads when there little brother (Niangs son) could wake up in the moring with all his hair on his head .
How unfair is that.

Anyways Lastly these 3 paragraphs says it all . Niang was a coldhearted , twisted , unfair malicious woman . Imagine having a stepmother like her , how would you feel ?

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  1. Hi Oshania

    Wow.....I thought that this was the whole story. I thought that it was really sad that Niang gave a little girl a hiding, I thought that the baby didn't deserve to get hurt.

    I also think that you should check your writing,because I saw that some of the words didn't make sense. Futhermore I liked what you wrote.

    From Naomi