Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With great difficulty Room 18 and I, went over to the hall for badminton, we were all excited it was an very difficult thing to do but we still managed to challenge ourselves. Well, have you ever played Badminton before? "well it sure is a lot of fun." We have been working on are lot of thing's that are very difficult to do for beginners. Most of us did some hard work on our moves that we have been taught.

Doing allot of things that Donna and Lauren has taught us was very hard at first, But then it got even easier. We loved to hit the shuttle under our legs it was really funny at first but when we got used to it we moved on to our next easement. "WOW I could just imagine myself doing it again."

My favourite thing we did was playing over the net it was a really funny activity to do, it was like me trying to pretend that I was an professional. As soon as I herd me name I yelled "YEAH" so I went over on to the court to have my turn. I was a bit nervous at then, well yeah that was my Favourite thing that I did out of all.

WOW it was a very exciting sport that we had manage to do. After a long practices we all love to play badminton, it is the second sport I like in all sports. I LOVE BADMINTON!!

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