Friday, September 30, 2011

Going To town For Our performance.

Have you ever danced on a stage in front of hundredths of people? Well I have and it was a scary experience. Reason why, is because that was my first time performing in front of a large group of audience, to make matters worse in front of complete strangers. Anyways lets get back to the story. As soon as we got there, the fist thing we did when we got into town was, we had to look for our great looking group. “We even got lost”, that was the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. We had to go looking for everyone, they were still coming on the train, But luckily we saw Peter at the train station. As soon as the group got into town we were all excited to be in town.
I wonder if my friends been dancing on stage? “but yeah” I LOVE DANCING! That was an really nice day that time, well it did turn out to be an nice day and also it was fun.


  1. What a tantalizing post! I have NO idea what you are writing about! You went into town to dance? What was that about?

    Mrs Brt

  2. Kia Orana

    I really don't get what you are writing. I think that it is all muddled up. This needs to be edited.